Lower back and hip

Lower back pain
ThermaCare® Neck, shoulder and wrist

Product Overview

Key benefits of ThermaCare® heat wraps for Lower back and hip:

ThermaCare® heat wraps provide powerful targeted drug free pain relief for muscle tension, overexertion, sprains and strains and arthritis. Suitable for suffers of chronic and occasional pain.

ThermaCare® heat wraps uses patented heat cell technology to generate deep penetrating heat to the affected area.

  • Designed specifically to fit the targeted areas thanks to the different shapes available.
  • Thin enough to wear discreetly under clothing, flexible enough to be worn on the go or while relaxing.
  • Provides effective pain relief, while also comfortable and discreet.
  • Temperature consistent during use at 40 degrees (constant temperature for fixed duration).
  • Unique Velcro closure system.
  • Provides up to 16 hours of pain relief, 8 hours while you wear the wrap and up to 8 hours after you remove the wrap.
  • ThermaCare® heat wraps for lower back and hip helps to improve mobility.

What makes ThermaCare® for lower back and hip unique?


Clinically proven pain relief

Acts locally with no systemic side effects while providing reduction in muscle stiffness and improved flexibility

Continuous heat

Up to 8 hours of continuous deep penetrating heat and up to 16 hours of pain relief

100% drug free heat wraps

Compatible with oral drug treatments

Easy to use

Elastic belt with velcro fastener can be used up to a maximum of 120cm (XXL)

How to use ThermaCare® for neck, shoulder and wrists?

Heat therapy

Find out more about heat therapy

Heat therapy is a variant of thermotherapy. As part of physiotherapy, it is used to treat pain and non-inflammatory diseases.

The heat has a relaxing effect on the muscles and can thus help against pain caused by tension.

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Everyday pain

Everyday pain

Many people experience muscle and joint pain in everyday life, often as a result of muscle tension and overexertion.

Nevertheless, pain is basically justified because it acts as a warning signal from the body. Pain draws one's awareness to the part of the body that needs attention because there is a problem. Acute pain therefore helps to recognize physical complaints in good time. Chronic pain, on the other hand, is considered a separate clinical picture.

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Neck, shoulder and wrist
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