Key Facts and clinical data for all Healthcare Professionals (HCP's)
Key Facts and clinical data for
all Healthcare Professionals (HCP's)

ThermaCare® is available in two variants

ThermaCare® clinically proven heat wraps provide constant heat which increases blood flow to tissues, giving analgesic effects which last even after the wrap has been removed. As muscles relax, more oxygen is provided to the damaged tissues, helping to restore aching muscles and joints.

The following ThermaCare® products are available and specifically designed to fit different areas of pain in the body.

ThermaCare® Lower back & hip

ThermaCare® Neck, shoulder and wrist

Clinical trials show that ThermaCare heat wraps are more effective than the maximum daily dosage of either Paracetamol or Ibuprofen for long lasting pain relief.

What makes ThermaCare® unique?

Clinically proven pain relief

Acts locally with no systemic side effects while providing reduction in muscle stiffness and improved flexibility

Continuous heat

Up to 8 hours of continuous deep penetrating heat and up to 16 hours of pain relief

Drug free heat wraps

Clinically proven to provide targeted long lasting pain relief for up to 16 hours. ThermaCare® provides therapeutic muscle penetrating heat to the affected areas.

Easy to use

Odourless, discreet and flexible with unique closure system for patient comfort

Clinically ProvenTherapeutic muscle penetrating heatLong lasting pain relief

How ThermaCare® works?

How Thermacare Works
Poor Posture

ThermaCare® is recommended for:

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