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When can I use ThermaCare® heat wraps?
When can I not use ThermaCare® heat wraps?
When should I consult an authorised healthcare professional before using ThermaCare®?
Can ThermaCare® be used during pregnancy?
Can ThermaCare® be used during breast-feeding?
What should you be aware of when using ThermaCare® if you are 55 years or older?
Is ThermaCare® suitable for children?
When should I stop using the product and seek medical attention?
How long can I use ThermaCare®?
Can I use ThermaCare® at night?
Can same ThermaCare® products be used multiple times?
How long does ThermaCare® product provide heat?
What is ThermaCare® made of?
How does ThermaCare® work?
Can I use ThermaCare® with other medicines?
Is ThermaCare® a medicine or a medical device?
Who is the manufacturer of ThermaCare®?
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